“what the dead know by heart”

“what the dead know by heart”

by Donte Collins

lately, when asked how are you, i 
respond with a name no longer living

➢ ➣ ➢

Rekia, Jamar, Sandra

➢ ➣ ➢

i am alive by luck at this point, i wonder
often: if the gun that will unmake me
is yet made, what white birth

➢ ➣ ➢

will bury me, how many bullets, like a 
flock of blue jays, will come carry my black
to its final bed, which photo will be used

➢ ➣ ➢

to water down my blood, today i did 
not die and there is no god or law to
thank. the bullet missed my head

➢ ➣ ➢

and landed in another. today, i passed
a mirror and did not see a body, instead
a suggestion, a debate, a blank

➢ ➣ ➢

post-it note there looking back. i
haven’t enough room to both rage and 
weep. i go to cry and each tear turns
to steam. I say

➢ ➣ ➢

I matter and a ghost
white hand appears
over my mouth



Blackout Poem from The Witch Of Portobello

Blackout Poem from The Witch Of Portobello,

by Paulo Coelho

“We’re constantly destroying  and rebuilding ourselves”

from lost to found.

Only one thing remains intact —

Your way of thinking

Live now

because love,

is at once a trap

and a source of ecstasy.

Try to venture  beyond your soul.

“If you take a risk

You’ve already gone farther than

most other people”